My name is Toby and after a life time of scepticism about alternate remedies in general, I recently found myself overseas suffering from stiffness after a long flight.

It took some convincing from my wife for me to agree to go to the spa in our hotel. It was opulent, and expensive, but it worked, and I came away convinced that I should try to have regular massages once I returned home as I have noticed I am losing flexibility as I age.

I tried 3 different places over a month and all were ok, just. They lacked privacy and felt cheap, and the quality of the massages varied a lot from masseuse to masseuse.

Then I came across Thai Touch. The premises felt much more like the hotel spa I had originally experienced, private and very professional, and the first massage I received there was even better than my overseas experience.

The masseuse was incredible and obviously well trained. I have had 3 massages there now and all were of the same standard. I can confidently say my scepticism has waned, especially in regards to Thai massage. I will now be a regular customer at Thai Touch.

Cheers Toby.


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