Thank you so much Jasmine Hunt of Pretty Chuffed blog fame for letting us help you recapture the experience of your Thailand holiday. We are very happy you enjoyed your signature oil massage and can’t wait to see you again.

Read on for a slice of her fantastic blog review…

Last Saturday I was invited to experience a traditional Thai massage at Thai Touch Massage and Day Spa and I had a lot of thoughts.

I’m not going to lie, mostly this was because I was sans both children for a couple of hours, and secondly I was also without household chores, social media and other distractions, too. It was total ‘me’ time.

I’m not going to lie, it was bliss.

Oh, and have I mentioned how great the massage was yet? Someone said to me the traditional way of Thai massage is almost akin to doing a yoga class, and although I could probably Google that and check the accuracy, I’m going to hazard a guess and say IT’S TRUE. I hurt for a full day afterwards. Not in that ‘OMG I cannot sit on the toilet my legs are killing me’ style pain you get when you do a gym class for the first time in years; but that ‘wow I can actually move my neck and my muscles feel like they’re in the right place’ type of pain.

My first thought when walking in to Thai Touch was how beautifully set up it was – it’s obviously a brand new fit out, everything is beautifully clean and welcoming,  The second thought was “…” – absolutely NOTHING as I switched off and enjoyed a foot soak and foot scrub in their gorgeous sitting room. Seriously, my experience could have finished there and I would have been 1000% more relaxed than I was when I arrived. But I still had the signature oil massage to come…yipeeeee!

The signature oil massage was a full body, muscle relieving massage. My massage therapist Nid was amazingly strong and as I always think when getting a massage – how do they not cramp up? Who massages the masseuse? Do they book in for massages on the weekends to relax? So many questions.

During the massage, when all you have to think about is the massage and the relaxation music (pan pipes are always involved, aren’t they?!) I started thinking about our Thailand trip and how much fun we had. Herman and I had traditional massages almost every day whilst there and at the time it felt so indulgent. I haven’t had one of the Thai style massages since then, and it was so nice to be taken back in time, a time when overseas trips booked only weeks in advance were doable.

After the massage, I was greeted by Nid again who offered me a glass of water and a delicious traditional Thai herbal tea and I honestly could have gone to sleep then and there – at 10.30 on a Saturday morning. It was beautifully relaxing and my whole body and mind felt refreshed.

I can’t recommend it more.

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