We had the great pleasure of a visit last week from the sensational Karen Suzanne, Blogger, Wife, Mum and Glam-ma who loves all things family and fashion. Thank you Karen for spending your ME time with us and experiencing your first Traditional Thai massage, we look forward to seeing you again.

Read on for a slice of her excellent blog review…

Last week I took a day off work and went into the city to Thai Touch Massage and Day Spa for a massage. Decadent much!

So all dressed in a few of my favourite things – Bohemian Traders Khaki Droppies, Ruby and Lilli Blanc Tee, Runway Scout Cover Me Blazer and an outfit wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of animal print in the form of some cute flats – and I headed into Newstead to Thai Touch Massage and Day Spa to have my very first Thai Touch Massage.

So what is a Traditional Thai Touch Massage? It is different from your normal massage experience unless you have had someone use hands, arms, elbows and actually kneel on you before.

Before getting to the massage it started with a foot soak and a lemon sea salt scrub in one of the comfortable chairs.

Then you move into one of the peaceful and private rooms. At this point your therapist gives you privacy to get undressed down to you underwear and lay covered with a towel (the towel is draped over you for the entire treatment).

Your therapist will ask what type of pressure you would like – the options are soft, firm or hard. I decided to go for firm pressure.

The therapist will then use their body weight to release the tension and knots in your body, you are asked to let them know if at anytime if you find the pressure too much.

Now while experiencing the massage there were some sections that I found very relaxing and there were others when the therapist was working on the knots in my body that to be honest were not relaxing but what I did feel was the release of tension.

The therapist picked up straight away that I work on computers all day and was able to work on the knots in the middle of my back, shoulders and neck.

Once my massage was completed I was got dressed and received a glass of water and some refreshing Thai tea.

After experiencing my first Thai massage would I have it again – definitely YES.

The after feeling of tension release was amazing – I sit at a desk working on a computer 5 days a week as well as go to boot camp twice a week and have a weekly PT session and my body does become quite tight, this really helped to reset my body. I also found that at my PT session the next day while stretching that I had a lot more flexibility – this was an unexpected bonus.

A hint for parking – the Day Spa is a short walk from the Gasworks shopping centre and they offer 2 hours free parking.

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