A Thai massage can last between 1 and 2 hours. Though at Thai Touch, we believe massage is all about you and the true length of a massage relies on your individual needs. One of our experienced therapists will work closely with you to ascertain your needs and the appropriate techniques before the session commences.

Please inform your therapist of any serious injuries, conditions or illnesses at this time. They can then avoid any pressure, which might be harmful, and focus on areas that will help to heal you.

Unlike other relaxation methods e.g. Swedish massage, traditional Thai massage is a physical process which involves a lot of assisted stretches and body movement.

Traditional Thai Massage is oil-free and does not require you to be naked. Wearing loose, comfortable clothing and refraining from eating too much beforehand will benefit the process and enhance your experience.

Once the session begins, the therapist will apply pressure to relax and rejuvenate your entire body. This pressure can range from very gentle, to very deep, firm pressure, as far as you wish to take it.

The palm of the hand, the thumb, the elbow, or the feet may be used during the massage depending on the depth of pressure required.

Moving in a highly skilful way, the therapist uses their body weight rather than mere strength to release tension and any trapped energy in your body, allowing it to flow wherever it needs to best benefit you.

Various stretching movements are also applied to relax, energise and open up your body. These movements are not exercises; you remain passive while the stretches are done for you.

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This unique and ancient form of massage is an intimate and powerful treatment and will profoundly change your notions of what a massage experience can be and the degree to which it can transform and heal your body!


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